Sunday, 4 May 2014

On Sunday 3rd May we had our final 'team' training ride and took on 132 miles starting at 6am in the morning and finishing at just after 6pm in the evening. It was tough and once again we had a few extra challenges thrown at us including a flat tyre and taking a wrong turn.

However, lets put things in to perspective. On Wednesday evening we visited the Special Care Baby Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Whilst we had our photo taken and explained our 'tough' challenge to the nurses there were parents at the other end of the room watching over their baby not knowing what the future was to hold. The money that we are raising will make sure that this family and many more to come have the specialist care and equipment required to make that future a brighter one. We have no doubt that if you live or work in Gloucestershire that this charity at some stage has or will be there for you, a relative or friend.

So......... today starts the auction for this great charity and we ask you to get involved. Please share, like and invite others to join and most importantly bid. If something is worth £10, then here it is worth £11.

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